Our focus is on providing power generation and control systems,
service and support to our customers.

SEKITO was established to fulfill the demand for power generation and instrument control solutions to major industries, especially in the oil and gas sector. Our core business of power generation solutions utilizes Capstone Microturbines which are primarily used in oil and gas applications for unmanned platforms to deliver continuous power using the wellhead gas supply.

We have played a key role in supporting their operations by providing power generation solutions, with emphasis on safety, reliability, and efficiency. We have achieved this by partnering with Capstone Green Energy, the world’s leading Microturbine manufacturer, to use their products for our energy and power solutions.

our services

SEKITO is committed to provide our clients with high quality products and services that meet their needs and expectations. We strive to ensure that all products supplied by SEKITO are designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned to comply with relevant statutory regulations, codes off practice, international standards and our own stringent quality control requirements.


Conceptual & Details Design

Conceptual design and pre-construction planning


Product installation into a permanent or temporary facilities.

Testing & Commissioning

Implement processes into an automated environment

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Regular maintenance to ensure the product proper functioning

System Integration

System integration move involves automating several operations with our in house programming

Microturbine Packaging

Microturbine packaging for hazardous areas require special precautions to protect the safety of workers

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