The Management of SEKITO is committed to safeguarding the Health and Safety of its Emplyees and Subcontractors, Maintaining the Safety Integrity od Service porvided to Clients and acting as good Citizen in the area in which it works. The objective of this policy is to prevent harm to personsm assets and the environment

To implement this policy Sekito management promotes the following:


At Sekito all staff is actively encouraged to acquire knowledge, new skills, com- petenciesand to keep abreast of the developments in technology. Regular meet- ings are held between technical team members to share knowledge and HR participates to identifytraining opportunities for staff.

The followings are some of the trainings that our technical teams have attended:
Annual review of the policy, after which it is explained and made available within our organization. All staff is made aware off their individual safety obligations. The policy is also made available to subcontractors and interested partties.

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